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The Obviuosness is in the Un Obviousness

A place for fun, silliness and smaller shipping

The Obviousness is in the Un Obviousness
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This is the home of the fun ship OUO (the obviousness is in the un obviousness). This is a ship that pares Colin and Luna together. This is also a place for smaller ships and less well known ones as well as and in particular the weird ones. For example the HMS Merry (Harry/Myrtle). We ask no one to jump ship or change loyalties to join we welcome all including moonlighters and redmoon and moonchildren or any other luna or Colin ship out there. The OUO ship is not about being right in fact I would probably be the most freaked out of any one if JKR actually put these two together. but about having fun and possibly lighting your self and other up a bit with a some self mocking. I also think the idea of Colin and Luna is a fun one so of course people who actually would like to ship this ship are way more then welcome. I encourage every one to please add your own clues and such. As well to share your funny fandom/shipping debating stories. This sight is not for debates or ripping other ships to shreds if you do so you will be removed immediately from the friend list with no warnings. Keep it tasteful, tactful and fun at all times and we will all get along. Ohh yes extreme silliness is highly encouraged.

A thank you to justams for our wonderful background pic.